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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pokemon Diamond Trade with Pokemon Black?

Best answer. you can't transfer pokemon from black/white to diamond, it is impossible. If you mean to transfer from diamond to black/white, then you need 6 pokemon on diamond that do not know HMs, and they must be in tyour PC.

Can DeSmuME run 3DS games?

There have been many debates as to if one can play 3DS games using DesmuMe.The answer to the question if DeSmuMe can run 3DS games is yes. You can play 3D games using the DeSmuME emulator. It is due to the current developments in the emulator.

How do you Hack Pokemon ROM?

Open up the extracted file and select "Pokemon Amplifier" to load the program. Select "File" and "Load ROM.". Select the Pokemon ROM on your computer that you would like to hack. Press the "Open" button to load the ROM information. Click on the "Choose a Pokemon" drop-down menu and select a Pokemon that you would like to hack.

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