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Frequently Asked Questions

Is windows 11 good?

The Good Windows Media Player 11 has a simple and visually effective interface; excellent performance, especially with large media libraries; and solid integration with Urge, its de facto music service. The Bad Still in beta, Windows Media Player 11 has some bugs to work out, though we didn't notice any major ones.

Can I upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is not going to happen. Windows 10 will continue to recieve updates and upgrades for the rest of its life. Every 6 months or so, Microsoft will push a major update for Windows (the Creators Update was the latest), adding new features to the system. These can be thought of as the new version of upgrading.

Is there windows 11 OS?

Windows 11 Concept: Even though Microsoft has confirm there will be no Windows 11 but that does not stop fans from designing Windows 11 concept. Below is the Microsoft Lumia 965 concept which comes in four colors Silver, Gold, Green and Orange. Microsoft Lumia 965 runs on Windows 11 operating system.

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