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Frequently Asked Questions

What is downloading mean?

Definition of download. (Entry 1 of 2) computers. : an act or instance of transferring something (such as data or files) from a usually large computer to the memory of another device (such as a smaller computer) : an act or instance of downloading (see download entry 2) something faster downloads also : the item downloaded two downloads.

How can I see what is downloading?

Use the "Name" function in the dialog box that appears. Type in the entire name of the file that you downloaded, and click "Find Now" or "Search.". You can also search by date with the "Date" tab or button. Enter the date you downloaded the file, and hit "Find Now" or "Search.".

What does uploading and downloading mean?

"Uploading" and "downloading" are terms used to refer to types of electronic data transfers. The difference between them is the direction in which the files are being transferred. Files are considered to be uploaded when they are transferred from a computer or other electronic device...

What's difference between upload and download?

Uploading is the process of sending files including documents, pictures and videos from a client computer to a server. Downloading is the process of transferring files from the server to the client. Uploading means that sending files from our local system to another remote location such as a server, over the network.

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