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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Park near the Nashville Public Library?

Free Parking is offered for the first hour at the Nashville Public Library Garage. Entrances to the garage are on Sixth and Seventh Avenues between Church and Commerce Streets. Ten 20-minute parking spots are designated in the garage, immediately outside the door to the library.

Is there accessible parking at the library?

Accessible parking for persons with disabilities is available on the fourth level of the garage near the entrance to the library. Be advised that the height limit for vehicles is 7 feet 2 inches.

How do I find parking near my downtown destination?

Use the interactive map, browse a comprehensive list of parking garages and surface lots, understand on-street parking, and filter your parking search by destination. With the above user-friendly and interactive parking map, you can identify parking facilities closest to your downtown destination, compare rates, and find where to enter.

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