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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a draftsperson and a designer be the same person?

To answer the question simply though … in the world of individual residential homes, both an architect, a draftsperson and a building designer can all perform the same role. Australia is quite unusual globally in this way.

What is the role of a draftsperson in a building?

Draftsperson. A registered draftsperson is responsible for preparing plans for building work or preparing documentation relating to building permits or permit applications.

Which is more expensive an architect or a draftsperson?

On an hourly rate comparison, the prior professional will be more expensive than the latter professional. However, (generally speaking), an architect can also more expensive because they’ll work with you differently to a draftsperson – and this difference can take longer. In a time = money equation, this will also mean extra cost.

Can you hire a draftsman if you are an architect?

When you hire an architect, you get the services of a draftsman since they’re employed by architects. However, you can sometimes buy these services on a freelance basis. For small and simple residential projects, hiring a freelancer can save money and time.

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