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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new drama shows for 2018?

All that aside, the new 2018 drama shows have everything you want and more. Certainly making the list of drama series for 2018 are big hits Altered Carbon, The Rain, and The Terror, but there's quite a few more you'll have to check out below to get a full taste of the new drama shows.

What are the best K-dramas to watch in 2018?

126 titles for 2018 Korean Dramas: Mother, Cross, Longing Heart, Radio Romance, Misty, Return, Eulachacha Waikiki, Children of a Lesser God, Short, TV Novel: Waves and Waves

Is there such a thing as a drama?

No drama is purely a drama — there are always other themes floating around — and this year’s best-reviewed films in the category tackle a variety of issues, in a variety of different ways, to tell their stories.

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