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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy an umbrella?

PatioSunUmbrella. It is the best place to buy an umbrella. Address: 700 N Valley ST, STE D, Anaheim CA 92801-3826 United States.

Why do they put umbrellas in your drink?

Some maintain that cocktail umbrellas shade their icy, frothy frappes from the melting effects of solar radiation. Other suggest that the cocktail umbrellas prevent volatile alcohol molecule in their drinks from evaporating too quickly. Is this just a bunch of pure hogwash,...

Where does umbrella originate from?

An oil-paper umbrella (Chinese: 油紙傘, pinyin: yóuzhǐsǎn, Mandarin pronunciation: [i̯ǒu̯ʈʂɨ̀sàn]) is a type of paper umbrella that originated in China.

What is a drink umbrella?

Umbrella Drink. A bright pink (or blue, or orange...) cocktail, garnished with big pieces of fruit (or lots of small ones on a skewer) and decorated with the all-important paper cocktail umbrella, possibly served in a coconut shell, a hollowed-out pineapple, a fancy curved glass or a tiki glass.

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