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Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the best age to start drinking?

Some people avoid it their whole lives, others countdown the days until their 21st birthday. 21 is the magic number when it comes to alcohol. The United States as a whole, besides a few exceptions, has enforced an alcohol consumption law prohibiting anyone younger than 21 from purchasing alcohol.

What age do people in America usually start drinking?

The current drinking age of 21 remains a point of contention among many Americans, because of it being higher than the age of majority (18 in most states) and higher than the drinking ages of most other countries. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act is also seen as a congressional sidestep of the Tenth Amendment.

What year did 21 become drinking age?

21 is the Legal Drinking Age. Share this page. The Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1984, establishing 21 as the minimum legal purchase age.

What country has the highest drinking age?

The highest drinking age is 25 in some regions of some countries, including parts of India. The legal drinking age in the United States, Kazakhstan, and Micronesia is 21. Several other nations, including Japan and Iceland, follow closely behind, with an age of 20.

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