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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Driza Bone become an Australian icon?

Driza-Bone is an Australian icon and has been keeping Aussies protected from the tough local climate since 1898. The Driza-Bone story is traced back to the 1890s, when out at sea British sailor Emilius Le Roy had a vision of an indestructible w... Driza-Bone is an Australian icon and has been keeping Aussies protected from...

What kind of coat does a Drizabone Bushman wear?

The Drizabone Bushman oilskin coat is the true bushman's coat for bushwalkers and leisure wear, the mid length Driza-Bone Bushman Coat has a traditional Driza-Bone cape as well as a lined drawstring hood finished with cone toggles.

What kind of coats do Driza Bone make?

We carry limited stock of these locally made 100% cotton oilskin styles: Caps, Slouch and Sou-Wester Hats and dog coats. These coats have a 12-month worldwide guarantee. We will assist you in choosing the right size. The Driza-bone company, established in 1898 has a long history going back to the sea.

How many years has Drizabone been in business?

A 100% Australian owned company, Drizabone is honoured to be protecting people from the elements for over 117 years and still going strong. The Driza-Bone story also goes a different way, as it’s truly told by all the people who have worn, and will continue to wear the brand.

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