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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Driza Bone riding coat come from?

The name Driza-Bone (Stryne for “Dry as a Bone”) was registered in 1933, around the time the waxed cotton cloth was developed in Britain to replace the old cloth coated with linseed oil. We are pleased to offer the Driza-Bone Riding Coats, made in Australia from 100% cotton cloth woven in India and proofed in Australia.

Who is Driza Bone and what does he do?

Driza-Bone is an Australian icon in riding coats, much as Akubra is in hats, recognized not only in Australia but also throughout the world for quality, practicality and the Australian flair.

How often do you rewax Driza-Bone riding coats?

Rinse off dirt with cool water, or lightly brush off dry dirt. Rewax occasionally with reproofing compound such as the Driza-Bone Garment Dressing all over every year or two, more frequently on areas of wear, such as cuffs or sleeves. For more information …

What to do about dryness on Driza-Bone clothing?

With wear over time, the oil and wax on the oilskin fabric will naturally dry out. Driza-Bone recommend regular checks to prevent dryness and promote longevity. Driza-Bone offer two types of re-proofing products for Oilskin care (Please double check your coat is definitely an oilskin/wax fabric before applying).

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