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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coat does Driza-Bone make?

The Driza-Bone Classic Long Coat has all the traditional features of the Australian riding coat, made from the best quality heavyweight British waxed cotton. The Driza-Bone has a shoulder cape with straps, storm front and collar, leg straps, fantail back, adjustable cuffs and sleeve reinforcements.

Is the Drizabone dog coat made of oilskin?

Driza-Bone Oilskin dog coat. Dogs of all sizes can now be fitted out and enjoy the same weather protection and great Aussie style as their Drizabone owners. Made from Drizabone oilskin tough and durable. The Driza-Bone dog coats are available with cotton or wool lining. Keep your dog warm and dry with the Driza-Bone oilskin dog coat.

How long has Driza Bone been in Australia?

Driza-Bone is a brand for the people & the land, it is a legend. Whether it be the harsh deserts, fertile pastures, vast rolling hills or contemporary metropolitan landscapes, the brand has clothed and protected Australians for more than 120 years. Free shipping on orders over $200*

Do you need to melt wax before using Driza-Bone?

Wax compound needs to be heated and melted before use Use only genuine Driza-Bone Reproofer as substitutes may harm our garments Do not use any leather care goods to treat your Oilskin garments as the Oilskin has different properties to leather

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