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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Driza Bone and what does he do?

Driza-Bone is an Australian icon in riding coats, much as Akubra is in hats, recognized not only in Australia but also throughout the world for quality, practicality and the Australian flair.

Where does the Driza Bone riding coat come from?

The name Driza-Bone (Stryne for “Dry as a Bone”) was registered in 1933, around the time the waxed cotton cloth was developed in Britain to replace the old cloth coated with linseed oil. We are pleased to offer the Driza-Bone Riding Coats, made in Australia from 100% cotton cloth woven in India and proofed in Australia.

How many years has Drizabone been in business?

A 100% Australian owned company, Drizabone is honoured to be protecting people from the elements for over 117 years and still going strong. The Driza-Bone story also goes a different way, as it’s truly told by all the people who have worn, and will continue to wear the brand.

What kind of hats do you wear with a Driza Bone coat?

A popular addition to the range are the Driza-Bone hats, all of which are a waxed cotton finish. Or if you are after a leather hat then the Australian Jacaru hat range makes a great companion to your Driza-Bone coat. The legendary bush hat is available in a range of colours and leathers including Kangaroo and Buffalo.

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