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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Real Love by Driza Bone come out?

Driza Bone's most popular track, as an artist, was the song "Real Love", which reached No. 16 on the UK Singles Chart in June 1991 When this record came out, Drizabone included April, Garcia, and singer Sophie Jones. Jones was soon replaced by Dee Heron, who appeared on the single "Catch the Fire" (UK #54).

When did Driza Bone release catch the fire?

Singles 1 "Real Love" (1991) UK No. 16 2 "Catch the Fire" (1991) UK No. 54 3 "Pressure" (1994) UK No. 33 4 "Brightest Star" (1994) UK No. 45 5 "Real Love" (re-release) (1995) UK No. 24 More ...

Who was the first singer to use Driza Bone?

Driza Bone (sometimes billed as Drizabone) was primarily popular in the early 1990s. Garcia named his production company after the Driza-Bone brand of waterproof riding coats. The most successful remix single was of the American R&B singer Shanice 's 1991 single, " I Love Your Smile ".

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