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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you login to Dropbox?

To log in to Dropbox click on the Sign In link. A neat Dropbox login box will pop up on your screen like this: Logging in to Dropbox from here is self-evident. Just type in the email you used when signing up for Dropbox, type in the password you set on the same sign-up occasion, then click on the Sign In button.

How do I contact Dropbox?

Phone Number: You can reach Dropbox headquarters by phone at 1-415-986-7057. An alternative is to fax your letter to 1-415-789-4548. Email: The best means of contacting Dropbox headquarters is to utilize the general contact form [+].

How do I connect Dropbox to my computer?

Open the Dropbox app. Tap the icon of a person at the bottom right. If you connected a work and personal account, tap Personal. Tap Connect a Computer. The app will ask if you're near the computer—if you are, tap Yes. Open a web browser on your computer, and navigate to

How do I sign in to Dropbox?

On Open a web browser. Type in Select one of the following sign in options: Click Sign in, and enter your email address and password. Click Sign in with Google.

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