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Frequently Asked Questions

How much storage does Dropbox give for free?

Dropbox Basic users are given 2 gigabytes of free storage space. This can be expanded through referrals; users recommend the service to other people, and if those people start using the service, the user is awarded with additional 500 megabytes of storage space.

How do I get free space in Dropbox?

The more people you bring to Dropbox, the more free space you get. For every single person who joins and installs the Dropbox application with your referral link, you will both be given 500 MB for free. You will get this free space until you have 16 GB of free space from referrals.

How much free space do I have on Dropbox?

Dropbox Basic comes with 2 GB of space and is free. If you want more space or features, you can upgrade to Dropbox Plus, Professional, or Business. Depending on your plan, the price of your Dropbox account will change.

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