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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Dropps?

We harness the power of nature to make products that are convenient, and that really clean. By using Dropps, you are helping turn the tide against toxic pollution, plastic waste, and animal cruelty. Oh, and the dirt in your home. Third-party lab tested to prove it works, and with ingredients so clean it won EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year.

Where are Dropps products made?

Dropps are made in Chicago, Illinois. I love the idea of buying products made in the US, so that’s just another reason I’m happy supporting this company! I’m sad to say as of January 2020 Dropps stopped shipping to Canada.

Is Dropps detergent any good?

“Dropps detergent focuses on plant-based ingredients making their products biodegradable, chlorine-free, and free of harsh chemicals. ” “They’re also environmentally friendly being phosphate-free, chlorine-free and NPE-free. ” “I like that Dropps are designed to work in all temperature waters and with all fabrics in all colors. ”

Is the Dropps subscription the only way to go?

I personally think the Dropps subscription is the only way to go because it’s such a huge discount! Plus, the 15% off code using DROPPS15 works on top of that. You can also easily cancel any subscription online, which I do on occasion.

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