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Frequently Asked Questions

How does drops help you learn new language?

Word by word, Drops helps you learn new vocabulary through fun, fast-paced games with simple mnemonic images. From the world’s most popular languages to widely spoken dialects, Drops has you covered. Learning a new language is like swimming a marathon.

What do you need to know about drops app?

Drops is all about wordplay. It gamifies the process of learning a language; choose your discipline from a dropdown of more than 30 languages, pick a mission – enthusiast, traveller, business student or romantic – and let the games begin. You can switch your mission any time.

How many words can you learn with drops?

We are extremely proud to our beautiful word pronunciations recorded by voice actresses and actors! Drops (a Kahoot! company) offer a complete package for free for casual learners: 5 minutes of blazingly fast and epic fun learning per day, more than 2400 words in 99 topics.

What kind of drops do you get in Minecraft?

Horses, donkeys, mules, llamas and pigs, and striders drop any items equipped to them by players, like saddles, carpet or chests. Ravagers drop their saddle. Drowned drop nautilus shells spawned in the offhand.

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