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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of drops of Jupiter?

Drops of Jupiter by Train is a song that talks about a bad relationship. A girl/woman who left a man (possibly a boyfriend) with whom she was very close to at one point. It talks about this girl who left everything to find herself, or a new lifestyle. She became all caught up in the pretentiousness of her life.

Who sings the song Drops of Jupiter?

Audio sample. "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" (simply "Drops of Jupiter" on the album) is a song written and recorded by American rock band Train. It was released in February 2001 as the lead single from their second album Drops of Jupiter (2001). The song hit the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also charted in the top 40 for 29 weeks.

Who else sang drops of Jupiter?

Stan sings Drops Of Jupiter by the musical group Train after fleeing from Francine in "Bully for Steve" when she finds out he has been bullying Steve in an effort to toughen him up.

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