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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DropSend for?

Dropsend for. Share files and manage your storage right from your iOS or Android device. With DropSend Mobile App, you can upload files to your storage and send them, access your Inbox, review sent items and manage your account.

How do I send a large file With DropSend?

Sending a file with DropSend is easy. Just type in an email address, browse for a file and click Send. phillip s. Great tool for sending and storing large files. We transfer and receive large files for our business needs all the time. Dropsend stores them and lets us send them securely.

What is dropdropsend online storage?

DropSend Online Storage makes it easy for you to access and share your large files with others. Think of this as your own, secure hard drive in the cloud where you can back up all your files, access them at any time, and share them with other users.

How long does DropSend keep my data?

The ‘Free’ version of DropSend automatically removes any data stored longer than 30 days. Files that were delivered will likewise automatically be removed after 14 days. To prevent your stored data from being purged please upgrade to one of our paid accounts.

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