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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AliExpress dropshipping and does it work?

The Aliexpress dropshipping term refers that you will build your e-commerce website and whenever your visitor will order any product from your site, you will directly ship that product by Aliexpress to that customer. This is called drop shipping and gives a lot of benefits to you and your customers.

Can You dropship from AliExpress?

Because most of the AliExpress sellers are overseas manufacturers, their prices are very competitive. While AliExpress may position itself as an online retailer, most sellers on AliExpress understand that a large number of their customers are resellers and are much more interested in dropshipping.

How to dropship with AliExpress?

To dropship with Aliexpress, all you need to do is find the products that you want to sell, add them to your store, set up your pricing with your desired markup, and then sell. When a customer places an order with you, you need to pay for the wholesale cost of that product, on which you have agreed with your supplier.

Are You using AliExpress for drop shipping?

To drop ship to your buyers, visit AliExpress and source the products from your Suppliers. Additionally, let them know that you are drop shipping to your customers so as to keep them from including invoices and promotions. How to Ship & Fulfill Your Customers Orders? Make sure you select ePacket shipping while filling shipping details.

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