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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does a drumstick allium bulb get?

Drumstick Allium flowers look like tiny ears of red Indian corn. A heavy bloomer, Allium sphaerocephalon (Persian Onion) has 1" egg-shaped flowers start in late spring and continue into the summer. 15-30" tall.

What should I do with my drumstick allium?

Drumstick allium flowers self-seed readily, so deadhead spent blooms if you want to prevent rampant spread. If the clumps are overcrowded, dig and divide the bulbs after the foliage dies down.

What kind of light do Allium bulbs need?

Mix a small amount into the bottom of the hole before planting your bulbs. Many bulbs prefer full sun exposure. However, Muscaria, Allium, Galanthus, Hyacinthoides, Scilla and many Dau001fffodils will tolerate partial shade and bloom well.

Which is the best Allium to plant in a garden?

Allium sphaerocephalon is a striking addition to a perennial border, cutting garden or a spring bulb planter. This allium is also a favorite of many florists such as Mary Ernst McColgan from Rose Bredl flowers in Columbus, OH. There is still time to plant this fall and you can find this allium and others at the sources below.

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