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Frequently Asked Questions

When to water drumstick allium after it blooms?

Water the plants regularly during the growing season, then let the foliage go dry after blooming ends in late summer or early autumn. Allow the leaves to die down to the ground. Drumstick allium flowers self-seed readily, so deadhead spent blooms if you want to prevent rampant spread.

How to care for an Allium after flowering?

Allium post bloom care is very easy. Simply keep the plants moderately watered until they fade to yellow and begin to shrivel. At this point, you can cut the plants down to the ground, leaving them where they are or dividing them. Allium bulbs should be divided every three or four years.

Can a deer eat a drumstick allium plant?

Drumstick allium is wonderfully untroubled by herbivores. Deer and squirrels just walk (or bounce) on by. Most insects aren’t terribly interested in alliums either. In fact, the main problem you might encounter is fungal disease.

When is the best time to plant drumsticks?

Noteworthy Characteristics The charming purple-red drumsticks bloom in midsummer and then fade as summer wears on. Care Plant 2 to 4 inches deep in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun in autumn. Propagation From seed, sow in containers in a cold frame when ripe or in spring.

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