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Frequently Asked Questions

When do drumstick allium bulbs start to bloom?

Allium sphaerocephalum, also referred to as the 'Drumstick' Allium, blooms in late June, producing 1" diameter flower heads. These wine-colored blooms sway in the wind on top of 24-30" sturdy stems. A magnificent plant with a long bloom time, these Allium add great interest and movement to the garden while also being deer resistant.

What kind of soil does drumstick allium need?

Easily grown in rich, sandy to gritty, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies, but deer ignore it! Stunning in beds, borders, cityor cottage gardens, coastal gardens orcontainers. Spectacular in large sweeping drifts.

What kind of flowers do allium flowers have?

Allium flowers are herbaceous plants that grow from bulbs and have a distinct onion or garlic odor or flavor. They produce green leaves that vary from straight or coiled to broad. They produce several blossoms with globe-shaped or cascading blooms in shades of purple, blue, pink, red, yellow, and white. Blooms feature clusters of small flowers.

Where to plant Allium bulbs in the winter?

Allium bulbs are winter-hardy in growing zones 3 through 8. Their performance in each zone varies depending on the species you grow. Where Should I Plant Allium Flowers? Plant allium bulbs in perennial gardens, rock gardens, kitchen gardens, and flower cutting gardens.

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