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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a takeout service at drumstik?

Does Drumstik Bar-B-Q offer takeout? Yes, Drumstik Bar-B-Q offers takeout services. How is Drumstik Bar-B-Q rated?

What kind of ice cream for a drumstick?

Drumstick Chocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla Caramel Cones Variety Pack features creamy chocolate or vanilla centers in a rich, crunchy, chocolatey dipped coating.

What kind of chicken is at drumstik bar?

Their champagnes are solid white meat chicken breast. They have a honey mustard that is out of this world. Some may say that the food is bland, but that's a good thing (add your own), a lot of people have... health issues, they shouldn't have spicy foods. Add you're own to suit YOUR diet. The food is fresh. Well worth a try. Helpful?

How long has drumstik Bar B Q been open?

We're catering our Annual Block party featuring Drum-Stik -- it's a tradition going back at least 10 years. Helpful? I have been going to this place for over 50 years. This used to be a well run place and it made some of the best fried chicken and egg potato salad you could find. Unfortunately things have changed and I couldn’t recommend it to...

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