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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make murungai keerai Adai with Drumstick leaves?

Murungai Keerai Adai Recipe a traditional protein packed adai using drumstick leaves. I love adai soo much….During my pregnancy with gugu I was advised to take a lot of greens specifically this drumstick leaves to increase iron intake, so I made ragi adai or poriyal mostly and had it.

How long can you keep drumstick leaves for Adai?

The batter keeps well for 2 days if refrigerated but as drumstick leaves are added it is advisable to use it within a day. You can make thick adais or thin crispy dosa kinds.If you want to make thin adai dosas then make the batter little thin so that spreading is easy.

What kind of lentils are used in drumstick leaves Adai?

Here is a delicious Drumstick leaves adai that is made from the combination of at least two lentils and rice. Traditionally considered as a tiffin dish can be had for breakfast or dinner and served along with Avial or Puli Inji. 1176 ratings.

What to do with the leaves of a drumstick?

Clean drumstick leaves, separate from stem, rinse it well and set aside.Grind red chillies,fennel seeds along with soaked dal to a slightly coarse paste,Add a pinch of hing, mix and Set aside.

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