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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are drumstick leaves good for your hair?

Loaded with larger quantities of calcium, vitamins and iron, drumstick leaves are best for hair growth and overall health. In order to boost hair volume, one needs to consume important nutrients such as Vitamin B3, iron, calcium and Vitamin C. Fortunately, all these nutrients are contained in drumstick leaves in large quantities.

What kind of plant is the drumstick tree?

Drumstick tree or known as Moringa Oleifera is a plant which belongs to genus Moringa and family Moringaceae. This leaves of the tree has been known as medicinal plant since long ago. Since health benefits of drumstick leaves are so powerful, people used to call the drumstick leaves as magic leaves.

What can I do with the juice of a drumstick?

You can extract drumstick leaves juice and mix it with amla powder and one of your favourite hair oils such as coconut oil or olive oil for better consistency. Massage it into the scalp and leave it for 15-20 minutes so that it blends nicely and supplies all the essential nutrients to the scalp.

What can you do with carrot and Drumstick leaves?

The mixture of carrot and drumstick leaves juice is used as a cure for gonorrhea. Leaves are used to treat eye ailments. It is also helpful in treating hair loss and lower dandruff. Leaves have high content of iron that promotes red blood cells and prevents anemia. It also heals minor cuts, burns and bruises.

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