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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to stir fry drumsticks?

Instructions Take the bunch of fresh drumstick leaves and separate the leaves from the stalk. Chop the onions, green chilies, and dried red chilies. Add salt and turmeric powder to the chopped drumstick leaves. Heat the oil in a cooking pan and add mustard seeds.

What kind of leaves are used for stir fry?

drumstick leaves stir fry recipe. Moringa tree is commonly called as a drumstick tree in India. The leaves of this tree are edible and are well known for their medicinal properties and is very commonly used to make stir fry, dal, sambar or drumstick curry.

How to make a stir fry with moringa leaves?

Heat the oil in a pan, splutter mustard seeds followed by the chopped shallots. After the shallots are cooked to tender, add crushed chillies and curry leaves (optional, I didn't use them). Saute for a couple of minutes on a medium flame. Now add the mixed moringa leaves and combine well.

How to make a poriyal with a drumstick?

Today I made a poriyal / stir-fry with the drumstick leaves. Here is how to do it. Clean and wash the leaves and set aside. Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan and when the oil is shimmering, add in the mustard seeds, dry red chillies and urad dal. Let it splutter and wait till the dal turns golden brown.

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