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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was drumsy's girlfriend on VRChat legends?

Who is Brooke Bork? Brooke Bork was First introduced to the virtual world as Drumsy ’s virtual reality girlfriend. Initially he claimed that she had cancer which made her unable to feel happiness, but later admitted he made it up for the views.

When did drumsy start livestreaming on VRChat?

Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character! Drumsy began uploading news reports on VRChat to his YouTube channel in February of 2018, and started livestreaming on Twitch several months later.

How is drumsy related to heyimbee on VRChat?

Drumsy has a friendly rivalry with HeyImBee, seeking to claim her spot as the number two VRChat YouTube channel. He often complains that he has to put more effort into attracting viewers because he wasn’t born as a hot grill.

Why does drumsy use a female avatar on VRChat?

He currently uses mainly female avatars because of his belief that it will draw in more viewers. Drumsy is one of many of VR Trapman 's catfishing victims.

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