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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the DSF format?

The DSF format, though, allows metadata (e.g., track titles, artist names, composer names, etc.) to be embedded and viewed in your player of choice, so that is the format I always buy. I noticed that *.dff files do not play in the Onkyo HF Player (iOS).

What does dsdsdiff_1_5 mean?

DSDIFF_1_5 files can be structured for 2 channels or for "5- or 6-channels" (presumably for 5.1 mixes). SACDs may contain a 2-channel stereo mix, a surround mix (usually the 5.1 layout), other mixes, or even multiple mmix versions.

What is the difference between dsdiff and DST?

Direct Stream Digital Interchange File Format, DSDIFF, Version 1.5 (2004) and Recommended Usage of DSDIFF Version 1.5 . Adoption of file version unknown. Not investigated. Transparent wrapper. DSD bitstream is relatively transparent; DST is likely to be less so. See IFF . Not investigated. None indicated in specification.

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