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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the theme of DSDS in India?

The DSDS theme is centered on how businesses will lead India's energy, water and food security. 76 Mbps uplink data-rate, and critical features such as DSDS.

Which is SDSD software for the maritime industry?

SDSD - Maritime Fleet Management Software & Application Development We have expertise to build your operational software or transform your in-house systems to the next level. We are your partner in maritime digital transformation. Read more Digital Solutions For The Maritime Industry

Can a baby be born with a DSD?

The presence of a DSD is not always clear at the time of birth. For example, an infant with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome may appear to be a typical female, even though they have testes instead of ovaries. Parents of young girls born with MRKH syndrome may not notice their infant lacks a vagina or uterus.

What happens when you switch to SDSD software?

By switching to SDSD, the client tailored the software to their precise requirements. The ‘free development hours’ ensured that that the module evolved in line with regulatory changes and internal demands.

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