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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dual drum magazine do for a Ruger?

The dual drum and alternating feed system result in a fixed center of gravity during sustained fire, helping to keep the gun stable. The drum includes the magazine, magazine loader, carrying case and graphite lube. Made in South Korea.

What kind of magazine is a 100 round drum?

These 100 round dual drum AR magazines are the Generation II model of the drum we have carried for several years now. They have been improved by strengthening and reinforcing the feed lips and eliminating the need for a graphite lubricant.

What are the specs of an AR 15 drum magazine?

SPECS Additional AR-15 dual drum magazine 100 round capac ... SKU ACC-AR15-100DD-G2 Country of Manufacture South Korea License Requirement None Manufacturer Korea RWB 5 more rows ...

What is the capacity of a KCI drum magazine?

KCI’s drum magazines are the last word in capacity and the first word in value—providing a unique shooting experience at a price that’s practically impossible for competitors to beat. The KCI Ruger Mini-14 dual drum “Beta” magazine is a relatively new design with a capacity of 100 rounds.

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