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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dubai a good country?

And the Dubai is a great starting point for that. It’s a lot more liberal (in the western sense) than much of the UAE so it breaks you in nicely. Dubai is the most famous place to visit and there are certainly enough things to keep you occupied for a good view days but the UAE is not cheap so don’t stay too long!

Is Dubai a developed country?

United Arab Emirates, A developed Country There Are Two Types of Countries What is a Developed Country? Present-Day Dubai A developed country is where the people are happy, educated, content with their lives where, the government is caring and always thinking for the betterment of it’s people and the country.

Is Dubai a real Muslim country?

Islam is the state religion recognized in Dubai. It is the only city to have veto power besides Abu Dhabi in the emirates. It is a major business and transport hub in the Middle East.

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