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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dubai Customs Code?

Terms & Definitions: A code issued by the customs administration to the company for their customs transactional clearing. This is an ID issued by Dubai Customs to importers whose trade licence permits them to import and export goods.

What are the customs and traditions of the UAE?

UAE Customs and Traditions. 1 Henna Tattoos. UAE culture and traditions are a huge part of Emirati life. The beauty ritual of painting the hands and feet with henna dye is an ... 2 Falconry. 3 Traditional Arabic Dance. 4 Coffee and Tea. 5 Camels.

Where can I find Dubai's Duty Free regulations?

Dubai’s duty free regulations are fairly straightforward. At the time of writing (July 2014) the Dubai’s duty free rules can be found in the Passenger Customs Guide (3rd Edition 2014) published by Dubai Customs. This guide is available for download from the publications section of the official Dubai Customs website.

What goods can I bring to Dubai without customs duty?

The 2014 Passenger Customs Guide states that visitors to Dubai can bring in the following goods free of duty: Gifts with a value of not more than AED 3,000 400 cigarettes OR 500 grams of tobacco OR 50 cigars

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