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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Dungeon mean?

dun·geon (dŭn′jən) n. 1. A dark, often underground chamber used to confine prisoners. 2. A donjon. [Middle English donjon, castle keep, dungeon, from Old French, keep, probably from Medieval Latin domniō, domniōn-, the lord's tower, from Latin dominus, master; see dem- in Indo-European roots .]

What is the Darkest Dungeon?

"Excavations beneath the manor were well underway, when a particularly ragged indigent arrived in the hamlet. This filthy, toothless miscreant boasted an uncanny knowledge of my ambitions and prognosticated publicly that, left unchecked, I would soon unleash doom upon the world." You Might Like . . . Join the community to add your comment.

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