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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a DVD Movie?

This will open the AutoPlay menu. Click on the drop-down menu next to "DVD movie" to select what action you want the PC to perform when a DVD is inserted in the disc drive. Repeat this in the drop-down menus for other DVD drive functions such as "Blank DVD" and "Enhanced DVD movie.".

What app plays DVDs?

Like VLC, KMPlayer is a versatile open source multimedia application for playing DVDs on Windows 8. And like both VLC and GOM, it contains its own internal codecs and is able to play virtually any media file you throw at it.

Which is the best app to play DVDs?

List of Top Windows 10 DVD Players VLC Media Player. VLC doesn't need much introduction, but if you have no idea about it, let me briefly tell you about this awesome app. ... Windows DVD Player. Since Windows Media Center is no longer available, Microsoft has developed a standalone app that can play DVDs fairly well. Media Player Classic. ... Kodi. ... CyberLink PowerDVD. ... KMPlayer. ... PotPlayer. ... SMPlayer. ... More items...

How do I access my DVD player?

How to play a DVD with Windows Media Player. 1. Open Windows Media Player and insert the DVD in the DVD drive. 2. If the disc does not start playing automatically, click Quick Access Panel button on the Windows Media Player menu and select the drive that contains the DVD.

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