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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DVD club?

When you join a dvd club, you get free or very low priced dvd movies. However, you are committed to purchase a number of additional DVD movies at regular prices within a certain time frame, such as one or two years.

How do I join the Disney Movie Club?

For all the details or to join the service, go directly to Disney Movie Club. Perhaps a DVD club isn't ideal for you and you would be better off with online dvd rentals. Some of the best dvd rental services include Walmart DVD Rentals, Netflix, Blockbuster Video, and DVD Avenue.

What happened to Columbia House DVD club?

In the recent times, Columbia house DVD club has lost most of its market share to these companies as they offer similar services without subscription. The navigation through the site is easy and user friendly and the colors are pleasant and ads free. It is easy to search movies by category and subcategories.

How much does BMG DVD club cost?

Columbia House DVDs start at $19.99 and shipping is $1.99 per DVD If you figure in the entire deal including the 3 DVDs you have to buy over a 1 year period the total is as follows: 3 DVDs at $1 each = $5.97 As you can see, BMG dvd club with Columbia House is a powerfull way to find and shop for all your favorite DVDs.

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