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Frequently Asked Questions

When do movies usually come out on DVD?

The amount of time it takes a movie to be released on DVD will vary based on the distribution company. Popular movies might take 6 months from the time they enter theaters to be released on DVD. This can vary with a range of 4-9 months.

How do you burn movies on DVD?

Click "Video Library" to choose a video from your list of movies. Click the movie you want to copy, then click "Next.". Click "Add More" if you want to add another movie to the DVD-R. Otherwise, click "Burn DVD" to start the recording.

How do you make a movie DVD?

Launch Movie Maker and open the project you want to burn to DVD. Insert a blank DVD before continuing. Click Movie Maker's "File" tab and select "Save Movie.". Click the "Burn a DVD" option. Type a name for the movie file, select a location for it and then click "Save.".

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