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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurements for a DVD cover?

A standard DVD cover measures 184mm (7.25") by 273mm (10.75"). Depending on your printer and paper size, it is possible to fit an entire DVD cover onto a single sheet of paper (A4, which is the standard size of paper, is more than large enough).You may need to reduce page margins to zero.

How do you Copy DVD movies?

Insert the DVD in the CD\DVD drive. Open computer, click on DVD drive, and Select the files you want to copy. To select all files, press Ctrl and A keys together, to select files randomly press Ctrl and left mouse click on the file. Right click on the selected files, click on copy.

What is a DVD Label Maker?

DVD Label Maker is a freeware to create and print CD and DVD label . Here, you can design CD label and DVD label of various types. You can also design Traycard which can be used as CD and DVD cover. This CD DVD label maker software lets you use image and text.

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