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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the magicians in High School DxD?

Magicians (魔術師, Majutsushi) are a special group of humans capable of using magic in High School DxD . While all supernatural beings are shown to be capable of learning magic and spells, it is suggested that only humans can be called Magicians.

Who are magicians and what do they do?

Magicians are humans that have learned magic, being able to cast the spells of at least one of the various factions of supernatural beings. This gives them a wide range of abilities, limited only by their own knowledge and skill level.

Who was the first person to become a magician?

It is said that the current magic system used by humans was developed by Merlin Ambrosius, the legendary wizard from Arthurian legend, who studied demonic power and their magic. Humans have shown that they can become magicians by training in magic.

Are there different types of magic and gods?

While there exist multiple types of magic such as Norse magic, Fairy magic and various different types of magic with different equations including the magic that Gods use, it is said that the majority of magic that is used by the ordinary Magicians are those created by the great Magician; Merlin Ambrosius which involved reading the flow.

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