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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of High School DxD?

About DxD. High School DxD is a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The series revolves around Issei Hyoudou, a perverted high school student who is reincarnated into a Devil by Rias Gremory after being killed on his first date. He later joins the Occult Research Club as he strives to rise up ...

Is there a High School DxD spin off?

A second spin-off series, titled High School DxD: The Work of a Devil (ハイスクールD×D アクマのおしごと Haisukūru Dī Dī: Akuma no Oshigoto), began in the April issue of Monthly Dragon Age. Illustrated by SODA, it adapts the short stories found in the light novels.

Who is the demon in High School DxD?

(Error Code: 102630) After being killed on his first date, idiotic and perverted Issei Hyodo is resurrected as a demon by Rias Gremory only to be recruited into her club of high-class devils. The sudden death of Asia surprises Issei and makes him trigger Juggernaut Drive.

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