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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the redemption code on eBay?

To use your eBay Gift Card, enter the 13-digit redemption code at checkout. If you received a digital Gift Card through email, the redemption code can be found in the email. If you have a physical Gift Card, the redemption code is on the back of the card. Gently scratch off the security coating to see the redemption code.

Can I combine promo codes?

Unfortunately, promo codes cannot be combined after an order has been submitted, nor can multiple promo codes be applied to a single order at checkout. Only 1 promo code can be applied per order. Please ensure to review your order summary prior to completing checkout to make sure you are satisfied with the promo code offer you've applied.

Can you use promo codes in stores?

Can you use promo codes in store? Consumers can use them to redeem special discounts and deals, in-store or online. Because of their format, promo codes are very flexible: consumers can receive and use them on mobile, tablet and desktop, via email, as PDFs, as barcodes, and even QR codes.

How do Etsy coupon codes work?

To create a coupon code in Etsy, take the following steps: Log into your Etsy account. Click the icon for your shop at the top of the screen, click on Promote, and then click on Coupon Codes. Click the Create New Coupon button. Enter a unique coupon code in the Coupon Code text box. Select a type of coupon type in the Discount Type drop-down list.

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