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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find shipping and delivery options on eBay?

Enter your search term to display live search results. Use TAB key to navigate results. There are a number of shipping and delivery options available on eBay, from tracked international shipping to picking up an item in your own neighborhood. Enter your search term to display live search results.

How does a courier service work on eBay?

Registered companies will then send you quotes for the job. Our site works as a reverse auction, so every courier quoting to move your eBay item can see what the competition is posting as a price, this means the costs will get lower as the bidding goes on meaning you could finish up with some very cheap couriers for your eBay delivery!

Do you need a drivers license to sell on eBay?

Passports, personal id numbers, driver's licenses, and the like, all bring big money, and YOU are left to pick up the pieces after identity theft. There is no way that eBay needs stuff like ssns, itns, or the like unless you are approaching reportable business tax thresholds. Not everyone here is running a business.

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