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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my item is not delivered on eBay?

However it is quite normal for a seller to request a buyer to repay postage in the case of a failed delivery ...if buyer refuses to do so however the seller should refund . As the seller appears to have shown the item as " delivered " then the seller would win the case .

Why did eBay fail in the early days?

Small sellers could not compete on price and cannot get the same postage discounts, and eBay makes much more money off companies selling hundreds or thousands of items every week than it does from the small scale sellers it courted in its early days.

What to do if your shipping address is incorrect on eBay?

If the shipping address you provided during checkout is incorrect, select Contact the seller on the order's delivery information page and see if they'll cancel the order. They can then relist the item for you to repurchase with the correct address. If the seller has already shipped the item, they won't be able to change the shipping address.

When to ask eBay for help with shipping?

If you and the buyer can’t agree on a resolution within 3 business days, you can ask eBay to step in to help. However, you may not be protected if you don't upload tracking from one of the shipping carriers integrated with eBay and there is no acceptance scan showing before the 3 business days expire. Select Send a message to the buyer.

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