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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you get a late delivery on eBay?

If eBay determines that your listing qualifies and you meet your handling time, we will remove any negative or neutral feedback left by the buyer regarding late delivery This late delivery coverage does not protect your late shipment defects, and your listings can be deactivated from the program if they fall below the performance requirements.

How long does it take to get a delivery date on eBay?

The estimated delivery date shown on your listings is based on the time it takes you to pack and ship items (your handling time), and the delivery or courier services you offer. If you can guarantee to get your items to a customer's door within 3 days, consider offering eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

How do I get express delivery on eBay?

To offer express delivery: Go to the Shipping details section when creating a listing. Choose your preferred carrier (s) from the Services dropdown menu. Always make sure to send your items on time or your late delivery rate may be affected.

How long to wait past estimated delivery date?

It is now Friday and no delivery. You messaged the seller with no response nor delivery confirmation number communicated and apparently not entered. Time to open the INR case. That would be if the item was shipping today and to YOUR zip. Expedited shipping should never take more than 2 weeks to be delivered.

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