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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the shipping policy for selling on eBay?

What is the policy? Sellers must ship items within the handling time stated in their listing, using the shipping service the buyer selected at checkout. They must: Review the cost and speed of delivery before offering a shipping service. Specify clearly when the item will be shipped.

Do you need a business policy to list on eBay?

If that same seller wishes to list on or, they must create policies on that specific site in order to use them, so that the policies reflect the regional shipping options of that marketplace. I just opted in to business policies for the first time and I can see existing payment, shipping, and return policies.

What does copy of policy mean on eBay?

This "Copy of…" policy is a duplicate of your policy before your updates were made, so there will be no contractual changes between you and a buyer for these listings. Give your policies descriptive names such as "Shipping policy, International" so you can easily find the one you need.

How do I Opt Out of guaranteed delivery on eBay?

You can opt out at any time by navigating to Account Settings > Site Preferences > eBay Guaranteed Delivery Setting. Click “Show,” then “Edit”. Lastly, select “I want to opt out of eBay Guaranteed Delivery,” and click “Continue.” You may opt back in at any time.

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