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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I Find my order status on eBay?

If you're signed in to eBay, sign out to return to ‘guest’ status to avoid error messages. Find your eBay guest order confirmation email, with the subject line starting 'Guest Order'. Select View order details. Select the tracking number. You'll see a delivery status bar with a delivery company, tracking number and the item's current location.

Do you get a delivery date on eBay?

Estimated delivery dates let you know when you can expect an eBay item to arrive. Most sellers on eBay are happy to ship everything to you in the same package if you’re buying multiple items from them. You might also get a shipping discount because the seller saves money by combining items.

When do you mark an item as shipped on eBay?

7 days after the latest estimated delivery date, if you don't upload tracking information, but you mark the item as shipped in My eBay 21 days after the buyer pays if you don't provide tracking information, mark the item as shipped, or the estimated delivery date can't be calculated. In such cases,...

Where can I find out how much shipping is on eBay?

You can find out how much shipping costs in the shipping section of every eBay listing. We always show the shipping cost separately from the item cost so you can see exactly how much you’ll pay for delivery before you go to checkout.

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