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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find dental equipment on eBay?

eBay not only offers dental lab fixtures, large office furniture, and equipment such as dental lights, exam chairs, and X-ray machines. You will also find dental items that are disposable, single-use items. You can usually locate these in bulk since offices go through so many each day.

Are there any dental products you can buy?

Teeth naturally lose their white colour over time and through lifestyle choices. To restore this, dental whitening products can be used. Options range from in-chair procedures at the dentist to take-home kits, and the results and prices vary widely as well.

Do you pay sales tax on dental equipment on eBay?

Register with eBay and pay 0% sales tax on all eligible purchases. Having the right dental equipment helps you take great care of patients who need tooth cleanings, cavity fillings, and more.

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