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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of dental loupes?

Dental loupes are designed to enhance visual acuity by magnifying the working area and have been hypothesized to promote a neutral body position when fitted correctly based on proper working distance and declination angles. 15-21 It is also imperative to seek professional guidance when purchasing loupes in order to ensure optimal ergonomic benefits.

What do you need to know about dental loupes?

What is a dental loupe? A dental loupe is a magnification device that dentists use in order to have a better vision of their patient's mouth and teeth. It is one of the few valuable dental equipment and tools that dentists need to have in order to deliver better quality dental services. It can either be wrapped around the head or be worn as a sort of eye glasses. Most often, dental loupes come with LED headlight. Major benefits of dental loupes

How can hygienists benefit from using dental loupes?

Benefits of optical loupes for dental hygienists. Although wearing dental optical loupes is not yet common among hygienists, some have already tried using them and have proven the value and advantages they provide to every dental procedure that hygienists perform. Dental loupes allow hygienists to carry out hands-free mode of treatment . The optical loupes magnify the image the hygienists see when looking through the lens, making it possible for them to have better access to the oral cavity .

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