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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the eBay desktop icon?

Type ebay into your browser, minimize the page, place your cursor (mouse) on the ebay icon next to the search engine (address bar), left click and drag the icon to your desktop and release. You will get a default icon for whatever browser you are icon and not the ebay icon. By the way, it is actually called a favicon.

How to get eBay app?

To download the eBay mobile app on iOS devices: Go to the App Store on your Apple device. Search for ''eBay''. Tap Get and then Install.

What is the official eBay app?

eBay is an official app from the popular online auction and shopping website. It lets you do exactly the same things you can do on the official website. You can search for second-hand items, follow auctions and receive notifications, and of course buy and sell all types of goods. The interface in this official eBay app is simple and intuitive.

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