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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is eBay's final value fee?

The fees for Managed Payments on eBay are straightforward. Sellers who were enrolled by June 4, 2019, pay a final transaction fee of 2.7% , which includes shipping and handling, plus a payment processing fee of $.25 per item sold.

Does E-Bay charge the customer a fee?

eBay and PayPal BOTH charge a fee on the entire amount the buyer pays you, which includes shipping cost. The fees are charged whether you buy postage on eBay or at the post office.

What is eBay final value fee?

Final value fees. We charge a final value fee when your item or relisted item sells, or if we determine that you intended to complete a sale outside of eBay. Final value fees are calculated as a percentage of the total amount the buyer pays , including shipping and handling. Sales tax isn't included.

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